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tagging fun

okay I have tagged a few GREAT bloggers so far Tonya posted her’s (16 she is awesome) and Jen has risen to the challenge, THEN how cool Jen tagged me back as I had not done my own 8 things!

so here they are my 8 things :

8. I wear my pajamas the second I get home, and almost the whole time I’m in my house. I love pajamas, I will change out of them to run to the store then change back into them the second I get back. I wear my robe all the time in the winter too, I love cozy and comfortable.

7. I am totally fascinated with cliques, I am totally not good at all at being part of “exclusive” groups but always think I want to be part of them, until I am…

6. I say a little prayer/blessing whenever we drive by an animal that has been killed by the side of the road.

5. My one and only goal from as early as I can remember was to fall in true love, to meet a person who I loved, liked, could talk to, was attracted to, had fun with, who challenged and helped me to grow. I met him when I was 21. Proving to me that no matter what you put your mind to you can make it happen.

4. I would move to England without any hesitation if the opportunity arose. Sight unseen. I love rain and moors, and tarmac and Lily Allen and I have it so romanticized that quite honestly even if it stunk I wouldn’t notice for years. I can recite the genealogy of the monarchy from Egbert on. Well I used to be able to, now I just know most of them. I love everything English, bread pudding, to Tony Blair…

3. I do not understand mean, I mean I know what it is and I’ve done it but I think it’s revolting. I just do not get it. I don’t think it’s evil or anything but I believe that mean people are just really sad and scared. I once got fired from a job because my boss said I didn’t fit in because I was happy and nice. The crazy part was that was REALLY why I got fired.

2. I totally am not a food person, my husband loves to cook and loves food and I am a trial to him because of it :) I love to eat out though, however if I had my way we’d all be able to live off of coca cola, I love soda pop.

1. If I could meet any person living or not I’d want to meet Annie Leibovitz. I would love to talk to her about photography and life and tell her how much she inspires me.

Okay those are my 8 things :)

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