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It’s valentines day week and though Sean and I don’t “celebrate” valentines day traditionally, though he actually proposed on valentines day oh like eleven years ago and I should have known something was up as we’d never done anything on valentines before that (we say “we celebrate our love every day of the year” and we mean it even though our friends roll their eyes) – this year I wanted to be more romantic so I have a gift and sean has a gift which should it be what I think it is will be the most romantic, sexy thing in the world…

To really sweeten the pot this week we’re indulging in every evening watching bit by bit, the three movie, extended directors cut Lord of the Rings Trilogy (how geeky is that but I am not ashamed to admit it) hee hee there are some excellent advantages to being married, what bliss..

ANYWAY … One of our favorite tv shows is “flight of the conchords” just thought during this movie marathon I’m enjoying I’d share a bit of the lord of the rings love!

(some mild swear words as a word of warning, nothing crazy!)

edit to add for those who asked! I got sean a valentine book, hand made by Tonya and filled each of the envelopes with

  1. rosemary (for remembrance)
  2. a lock of my hair
  3. special Himalayan salt mined at 10,000 feet and brought down by yak once a year (sean is an excellent cook, so there was a spice theme)
  4. a picture of me
  5. chili peppers (because he’s HOT)
  6. a bit of one of my nighties spritzed with my perfume
  7. wasabi powder (cause he’s really hot :) )
  8. a love note
  9. and ginger (because he is sweet too!)

Okay and my present was nice, but Sean, what did he get me! He got me Pride and Prejudice the Colin Firth mini AND (this is the kicker) he is going to WATCH it with me! What a man, honestly I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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