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tuesday night music club

I am thinking that I’ll be updating the side jukebox not quite as much as I thought lol, but it’s because I get stuck in a groove and listen to the same things over and over again. Right now in our house the top three albums played as voted on by Ares, then Sean then me who has the mac and gets the music, are:

  • vampire weekend – vampire weekend (apparently everyone loves them as much as we do that’s great)
  • white stripes – icky thump
  • mika – life in cartoon motion

Ares is a dancing guy, so he likes the stuff he can dance to but it’s pretty freaking awesome watching him dance to St. Andrew(thebattleisintheair) off Icky Thump and singing to the lyrics

This battle is in the air
I’m looking upwards
Where are the angels?
I’m not in my home

Sean is more of a music guy, he likes there to be a beat and reggae tends to win out when he has control of the itunes.

I’m a singer, I like best to put on Sinead O’connor or Amy Winehouse, or Fiona Apple or Pulp when I’m cleaning or whatever and sing to it, loud (and terribly)

I went nuts and stayed up way to late the other night updating my last.fm and really enjoyed rolling around in older music, some stuff I haven’t heard in a while but consider my life classics, and then grabbed a few new things like Christine Fellows to spice things ups :)

if you have a last fm account leave me the link so I can add you or click on here agirlinlove and add me as a friend!

if you don’t have a last.fm account get one!

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