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a walk in the woods (and a very cold stream and some ice cream too)

Monday we took the day off and got out of the house and out of our yard to explore a bit.. we went to a new park and just hung out. Just Ares and mom since dad was golfing (which is not my thing, though I must add I’ve never ACTUALLY tried it, it just takes so long, the LAST thing I need is another hobby and one that takes up half the day!! lol)

We discovered a stream and when Ares said he thought he wanted to try it out I didn’t even hesitate, he went in with his shoes and all (those came off quick, even COLDER with the shoes on) I tried to take a video but between keeping my camera dry and taking pictures or the video camera, well the pictures won out!)

I stepped in too but NOT for long it was freaking cold in there.. and I was keeping an eye out, there weren’t any signs that said to stay on the path but I had a feeling like maybe we’d get hollered at by the park police…. I’m still a rebel at heart!

So what do you do when you are done spending a morning at the park, well I wanted to go location scouting of course (I can’t really do anything without turning it into a photography related event it’s a sickness I tell you!) and Ares was not at all interested in that but with the promise of some ice cream at the end of the rainbow

me: I promise you will not have to get out of the car.

ares : *slight bit of suspicioun* I am not going to have to be in any pictures.

me : no I promise, didn’t I take pictures today that you were not in, that is possible you know.

ares : alright but not for long, deal?

me : deal

(and it was only an extra twenty minutes or so and I let him pick the music of course he picked vampire weekend)

It was quite a nice day all around!

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