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sleepover or I realize that at four he’s all grown up and this is a bit to soon for me


he was at his cousins house and I picked him up after a bridal meeting. we got in the car and he tells me he wants to spend the night at max and drakes. I say no and he looks at me.

“but why can’t I spend the night?”
“because” I say brilliantly, trying to think
“you can spend the night tomorrow night okay after the movie you all are going to”

he just looks at me, he isn’t going to throw a fit, or anything, he just looks at me and says “I would like to spend the night tonight not the day after today” he knows there isn’t any reason for him not to. but he’s patient while I work it out.

and what can I give as a reason no, I will miss him too much, or we bought wings for dinner and he loves wings, he loves his cousins too

“okay lets check with dad” I say and pick up the phone, he plugs his ears.

“why are you plugging your ears, no one is mad, we just love you and daddy will want to know what’s going on”

so he unplugs, and waits, dad gives the go a head, says good night and I unbelt him from the car seat “but I get to take a picture” I say which is lame but what can I do, I’m going to lose my Saturday morning noodling on the couch, I was always homesick and never spent the night away when I was little, now it’s the opposite, I’m homesick and he is spending the night away

he stood still twice and
he was off

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