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babybird or how my sister became a robins mommy


While I was rescuing Scout (and I haven’t updated that there are now TWO kittens too) we had a storm and my sister found Bruno leaping at something in the yard.  There were two baby robins out of their nest, mama gone.  One seemed just fine and one had a hurt leg.  My sister took both of them in and called all the places you should call but no one could take them.  She lost one two days  later, but the little robin with the broken leg made it and is now off baby bird formula and on mashed up dog food (my sister says this is what the experts told her to feed this little bean).  My sister says that this little thing follows her around hopping on the floor and chirping at her for food.  She thinks my sister is her mom.  They have tried to get her to practice flying and eating outside but, um, if you were a robin and were getting pampered every two hours would YOU fly away :)

and so I got to meet the robin today for the first time and maybe the last. Â They told my sister she did a great job healing her but in the process she has slightly domesticated it and it will have to be brought in for rehabilitation. Â The stuff around her mouth and head is her breakfast! Maybe before she goes to be rehabilitated I can take a few more pictures AFTER a bath.

I’m really proud of my sister, it was hard losing one but she did the right thing and saved a little life!

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