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who’s racing or reminders very close to home

“Do some of us win? Do some of us lose? Is winning or losing something I choose? Why am I racing? What am I winning? Does all of my running keep the world spinning?”

I have this book on my desk by Jamie Lee Curtis called “Is there really a human race?” and it’s supposed to be a reminder to myself that it’s not about getting A’s, that there is no great entity in the sky jotting in a notebook if I made my bed in the morning or if I was the one that got the most comments on my blog today or if I am choosing the right brand of toothpaste.. It is so easy to get caught up in doing stronger, faster, better that we forget to be healthier and happier sometimes you have to slow it down a bit, this is VERY easy to forget when you are running your own business and you want to make sure every bride, every family and every senior keeps getting the most amazing and wonderful images on the planet earth!

But to get those most amazing images flowing, to keep the creative juices flowing you must, you have to, take a few moments to smell the flowers (cliche or not it’s true).

The other day we slowed down just a bit and played with the boys in the driveway, we went primal mixed our own face paints and the boys were marked with the hand of, well, me, and then we relaxed and they went a bit wild, with growls and more painting and just fun. There were more wilder, growlier frames farther up and farther in, but they were lost like souls who would not be captured.

The book here on my desk ends with some pretty good advice that I’m going to try to remember a bit more often…

“Sometimes it’s better not to go fast. There are beautiful sights to be seen when you’re last. Take what’s inside you and make big, bold choices. And for those who can’t speak for themselves, use bold voices, and make friends and love well, bring art to this place and make the world better for the whole human race.”

There will be more engagements up one today or tomorrow and one this weekend for sure but I just wanted to share a great book no matter how old you are!

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"there is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved." - darwin

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