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four books, a girl and shopping for the man who loves her

I finally finished those books, you know those books every girl who admits she likes leaning and vampires and pretty teeth is reading (and everyone else is reading them on the sly) sure it’s not exactly War and Peace but I’ve read War and Peace and it certainly didn’t keep me up all night trying to finish it and I would have to wikipedia the main characters to remember them, I probably won’t have to worry about remembering Edward’s last name in a few years..

Christmas shopping I took my bean into Hot Topic looking for presents and I’d tell you the cool stuff we bought his Dad but of course it’s not Christmas yet and my partner in life reads this blog so no spoilers, but I got giddy at the ridiculous supply of Twillight swag, keychains, calendars, oh you can get huge lockets and necklaces, wrist bands, I was looking for fake teeth or vamprie hunting guides… I started to giggle and couldn’t stop and bought myself this tee shirt, I was easily sixteen again but not the sixteen that was confusing and tough but all the good stuff rolled into one.


Sean makes fun of me for it but I don’t care it’s hawt (don’t tell Sean but he’s getting a Twillight keychain in his stocking hee hee I’m going to pout if he doesn’t use it…)

What’s even better about the books is I needed the reminder that it’s totally not only okay but necessary to just have fun, do something silly, enjoy myself a bit.. I get passionate and serious and that’s all well and good but that’s not all it’s about.

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