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eat more cake

While I was in Toronto over New Years on the very last night my friend Rachel told me about a birthday present, a tee that said “eat more cake”.. it is the motto of this amazing cake shoppe called Dufflet, honestly my first thought was Marie Antoinette… but my second thought was that it would be a good reminder for me… I’m learning slowly that making artist dates for myself, allowing myself to just have fun once in a while for funs sake makes me a better wife, a better mom, a better artist.. sometimes I get so caught up in doing things, getting things done, becoming better, I don’t live a bit in the in between parts …


(I just kept thinking that poor ginger man, all broken and everyone eating cake and not caring one wit… I wish I’d tried a piece of him but I forgot because I got distracted taking his poor ironic portrait)


Tonight I met with a lovely bride to be and her very sweet esp. as he wasn’t feeling well fiance. Afterward there was my favorite place in the world all lit up and inviting me in, Borders.. well any bookstore will do but this one was right there so warm and inviting and well I decided to eat a bit of cake! I’ve spent the last three days non-stop working and it felt great to just wander about and indulge in inspiration, some old friends and some new ones… it was really fun.. tonight I started painting some of my journal pages.. I think it’s the first artist date I’ve really given myself in a long time and it was just perfect… don’t forget to *eat more cake* whatever your cake might be.

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