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I did something in March I’d never done, shot a wedding with another photographer other then Sean. I met Tammy at my onelight workshop and we clicked right away. We emailed and talked quite a bit and when she asked me (fully expecting me to say no I think) to come out to New York and shoot an amazing huge wedding with her, I started to say I can’t. I’m busy, mom and crazy exciting busy business and that would have been the easy thing to say. I think maybe I surprised myself because almost instantly after seeing I was not booked that weekend, said yes!

I’m sure I thought about half a dozen times I was going to cancel. It wasn’t the travel, it wasn’t most certainly the lovely sounding wedding, it was doing something I hadn’t done to often, not being the main photographer was scary simply because it was new, how would I handle it, how would it go, what if I told her without thinking to move to get a shot and offended : ) Those are just a couple of the things going through my head.

All silly but when we get ‘used’ to something it’s hard to break out of the comfort zone.

Photography is all about learning and growing for me, I believe and have met other like minded souls, that the more I improve and grow as a person, the more I experience and the more I reach out as an individual, as a human, the more my art and my photography grows.

It’s not just about going somewhere, I try to always be trying new things, discovering new techniques, reaching out to new artists and photographers (new to me anyway maybe not new to the world). Open to the world and growing. Each experience makes me a better person hopefully, and that in turn makes me a better artist, gives me more of a unique view on the world.

I had so much fun in New York with Tammy, I learned a lot, I learned some things I knew and didn’t know it even lol and Tammy showed me how she sees the world and it allowed me to see how another great artist does things, sees things and wow what a thing to be able to share.

I have a few destination weddings coming up, and think that I won’t just use a destination wedding as an excuse to go and get out and see things, I think the next step is planning something more, personal work, more travel, and pushing at my horizons even more!

stay tuned (can I say that on a blog) I’m going to get some of the frames I shot at that wedding up here tonight or tomorrow! can’t wait to share!)

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"there is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved." - darwin

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