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first day of school

I remember my first day of school, it was rainy (just like today) and I was in a greenish plaid skirt with red barrettes and I was scared still stepping onto the bus to go to kindergarten. I remember the little quiet girl I sat next too looking just as blank as I felt and remember she held a flower her mother gave her to hold.

As we got ready this week for Ares first day of school I was quite lassez-faire about the whole thing, he would have fun, I’d get more work done around lunch time and maybe walk the dog a bit more…Â I almost forgot to grab my camera as we were walking out the door…

There must be something instinctual about leaving your child alone in unusual and unknown situations that creates a tidy swirl of panic in a parents insides. Saying it like that it’s totally reasonable that as we left the room (we went in the wrong door and ended up missing the teachers opening parent / child speech outside the mini kindergarten door that parents were NOT supposed to enter… always non-conformists there Sean and I were with luckily one more set of renegade parents trying to figure out what the teacher was saying through a dwarf door and over the rain… ) I all of a sudden wanted to run back in and grab the Bean under my arm and run… instead I stood with all the other parents watching the kids form a circle in the middle of the room as if they were guppies in a fish tank.. We didn’t stay long because much to my surprise I got all va klempt and I was not going to be standing there making his day harder by starring and crying…

A few frames from this morning.

Walking in the rain to school


The mandatory first day of school wave, I took us to the wrong door here so we had to go to the next door after the wave, I did not recreate it at the right place as we were now late :)first_day_school_wave

Anyone notice their backpacks are as big as them, it’s actually my backpack so um yea his has to be a bit smaller.


I love this there they all are not allowed in. If I were one of them seeing me in the room I’d be thinking ‘how come she gets to walk her little in’ they were all nice though when I was on their side of the glass, we were all in the same boat.first_day_school_parents

Despite the hystronics I am really really excited for him, he’s more then ready for this piece of the big big world and I think I’m ready to let him have it.

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