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tidying up

I had a shoe fitting for a wedding in two weeks (in which I am in!) and it got canceled and so I was left with some found time, so I started to tidy up… with weddings every weekend, sessions during the week, processing and ordering in between as well as a monster little dog a son and a house full of people well I am not the neatest person… I have an organization to the madness but there is that touch of madness in there.

Next to my loveseat is a pile of what I’m looking at and what I’m wanting to read this summer .. and it all was so pretty and there is so much good stuff in that small spot I thought I’d share some of the goodness..

a. My brand new to me zenit b, totally inspired by Annette’s work, I look at so much film and I have a medium format camera (a couple) but her zenit b work and the work I’ve seen with it other spots as well as the 100% manualness to it (no lightmeter all flat out up to me) well I can’t wait, I have a few projects lined up and if they turn out I’ll share! (maybe even if they don’t!)  Check out Annettes new zenit b book at her hymn to cigarettes

b.the lovely wrapping paper my magazine from dream and awake came in h. which is an independent clothing line and they published a book featuring the photography for their site… it’s a strange mixture of fine art, fashion and publishing and I really love it.

c. who doesn’t love strong beautiful men, strong beautiful women and mystery, all tied up with romance and steam punk, I especially LOVE that the main characters are married, happily, and it isn’t boring at all (just like my life I suppose :) minus the dirigibles.

d the selby is in your place, if you don’t have it you should it’s fantastic fantastic images and design and just good, another strange mix of art worlds colliding gloriously.

e. if I’m not reading something about photography, if I’m not trying to learn more than just processing and poses well I may as well stop, the learning and the growing is so interesting to me.. this one is pretty interesting and I’m reading it small chunks.

f. one of my flickr contacts published hotshots and it’s got some GREAT images and some of the best indepth but attaniable descriptions of exposure, metering, shutter etc.. it’s going to be gifted to all my friends who are learning their dslrs! He has two others published and they look fantastic to!

g. um I listened to most of it on audio traveling to a shoot and it was horrible and wonderful, I bought the book finished it, and than reread the original, again! sheer genius.. gimmick, yes, but fun, yes yes.

anyway that’s what I’m looking at every evening when I peel myself away from this computer, there is so much good stuff out there and I don’t feel I share  like maybe I should… what are you reading, what has inspired you OFF the matrix this summer :)

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