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I was meeting with some wonderful people yesterday and pulled facebook up to show them my new space, which is when I realized I hadn’t blogged about it, which was CRAZY.  Anyway I thought an update was needed, the photos and a quick “what’s going on?”.  The new space is moved into, a few more touches and some work to go on the walls is next but for the most part yah it’s complete and I love it. Choosing to share the space with other artists was the best decision, you walk in and it feels cozy, warm and lived in.  I think the most fun I had was shopping, I’ve never bought so much STUFF all at once and the light, the light is just fabulous (as you can see)

It was a GREAT thing to come back home to after shooting in Antigua, Guatemala.  That amazing 8 days we spent with Stevie and Jose still have me mostly in a spin :)  The images are gorgeous and I am catching up on weddings that came before and working my way up to sharing some things here.  November is stacking up to be my most busy November yet, with portrait sessions and a slew of head-shots as well.  The weather has treated us fabulously..  so I will go back to processing but here are more images of the new space I can’t wait for you to see it in person :)

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