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It all started really when the amazingly talented (and famous) Preston Bailey noticed a morning after session on my blog and shared it on his blog. Then it all took off.

Since Thursday my photos (and another couple photographers too) have run in the New York Daily News the London Daily Mail Online, they were featured on Good Afternoon America (I dvr’d it but haven’t watched it yet).  I was interviewed by the BBC (and quite literally got a vmail making the tardis landing sound while I was on the phone with them) and spin off articles have been seen on MSN affiliates and as far away as Milan…     Just pretty cool …


Such a simple concept, I thought, the morning after a wedding I show up at the hotel the bride and groom are staying at, or maybe even their house, the wedding is over, the dress is maybe already whisked out to the cleaners and the bride and groom are now Husband and Wife.   I spend an hour, maybe a bit less and just capture them together, still in pj’s, maybe drinking coffee, maybe cuddling and enjoying each other. Just being together. These photos aren’t really for the rest of the world, they are for them, sharing or not sharing, doesn’t matter.  It’s being who they are together that matter.

I’ve done a handful of the sessions, I got the idea to call them morning after from my friend (and amazing photographer Susan Sabo out in LA) but of course haven’t shared very many because well, they are perhaps a bit more  personal.. one session I took down from the blog because it was something the couple realized, they loved, but didn’t want to share with the world.  That’s fine with me, the photos are for them, not for me.  Still I wanted to thank  this couple (who shot this session to celebrate being married) for allowing me to share their images :)

So something so personal has gone viral, what a juxtaposition, and there has been some “controversy”.  I think, the quiet moments are worth treasuring as much as the celebrations, maybe more so.  There has been talk about raunch, and appropriateness.  It’s subjective and it isn’t for me to judge or not judge.  I stay where I am comfortable but I shoot who a person is, I don’t try to pour them into a mold of what I want them to be.  For me that’s sexy, being who you are, being comfortable in your own skin.  Sexy is being comfortable enough with someone to rest on his thigh and take a deep breath and realize how happy you are at that very moment.   Without any masks, being who you are and knowing that’s what your partner loves.  That is what I want to do. That is what I strive for.  I hope I get to continue to let people shine as who they are, whether it be a boudoir session, a wedding, an engagement, or yes even in their pajamas the morning after they are married.

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