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I love watching you be a father. fathers day . sean

Last night we went out to see “this is the end” the new Seth Rogin movie.. and then this morning we watched “seeking a friend for the end of the world” which means I’ve been watching movies for 24 hours about life as we know it ending in a dramatic cataclysm and reminding us that what is really important is the ones we love.  I didn’t need to watch them to know that…

But crying this morning as Steve Carell’s character tells Keira Knightley’s character that she is his favorite person, I knew how they felt because that’s exactly how I feel about Sean.  I grew up mostly fatherless.  I bought my mom Fathers day cards every year because she did both jobs and I told myself that dad’s weren’t necessary… they were just an extra some people got lucky enough to have..

Well I grew up okay, but the moment I met Sean I knew he would be an amazing father and he is.  He takes care of Ares as if he were Atticus Finch and Doctor Huxtable all rolled into something even better and he doesn’t stop there, he takes care of all of us, most of my family in fact and that extra curricular is beyond my understanding or my biggest hopes and dreams.  I don’t take him for granted, we don’t need cards to show that we love each other, or  to tell him that how he is as a father to our son made me believe that dreams can come true and happy endings are really possible.

Still, I don’t shout it from the rooftops (or my blog) so often and so today, on Fathers day I thought I’d share some of our family snapshots from this last year just to show him off a bit.   He showed me, he still shows me, that people are beautiful, that good things happen, that every time I wish on a railroad track, or a dandelion or throw a penny into a fountain I already have what I wished for and he proves that with me and Ares every single day.  I love you Sean happy fathers day 2013.


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