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“Mom can we take a photo together”

Yesterday Ares asked me if he and I could take a photo together.”  I am not sure he’s ever asked that.  It was for a special project at school.  I didn’t dig for more info about it as I don’t want to ruin my surprise.  So we asked Dad if he’d take one and I didn’t brush my hair, or change my clothes, (though if you look you’ll see the hair tie I took out of my hair) I didn’t ask Ares to take off the logo shirt he was wearing even though ALL the “what to wear” pdfs and websites forbid logos and I didn’t take off my glasses.  We just went out where the light was nice and Sean took a few for us and we chose this one.  You know what, I love it.  I have started thinking about portraits this year (once in a while someone else shooting for a change) and this amazing photographer is going to be coming through Michigan this summer and my first thought was, what a great chance to hire someone who I’ve been watching… but then I changed my mind..  because all her photos look styled, all her work looks perfect, all her people look as if they are coming out of a California inspired party… and you know what… that isn’t me… my house isn’t inspired by Pinterest and I am honestly  not great at relaxing in front of the camera when I have to perform for it.   I like things beautiful, and vibrant and full of passion but I like them resonating real… I’m almost smiling here, but I have to tell you having my son ask for a photo of us, sitting with me, his arms around me… that’s heaven and this image takes me right there.  Thank you Ares and thank you Sean for always reminding me that real is beautiful.

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"there is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved." - darwin

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