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Julie and Bryan . Engagement . Ann Arbor


All moments matter, and the moments that I try to capture are intimate ones… sometimes they are quick, like the tears that Julie got just as we started to photograph and she was looking into Bryan’s eyes and she had to compose herself because the love and the immediacy of their love was overwhelming and wonderful.   She apologized but I wouldn’t hear it.  What is the point of being in love if you can’t revel in all of it.  That is the good stuff, when you yourself suffused with emotion and it takes you over.  That is where life is.  Sometimes the intimate moments are more lingering, sitting on their sofa, playing with their Kim Chee and Julie and Bryan almost forget I’m there and I get to be a fly on the wall and capture everyday, which is as magical as the ephemeral glory that we caught next at the Peony Garden, where the blooms last maybe a week.   Not sure if any of this makes sense in words, but I hope it does, I think it does, in photos.


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