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Erin and Nathan . Zingermans winter wedding . Dexter, MI


The bride and groom love Michigan winters and Zingermans, from the kilts to the square-dancing (with a caller so cool I may have square-dancing at our next big bash) Erin and Nathan’s day was absolutely breathtakingly perfect!! Don’t let cold weather stop you from feeling the warmth of friends and family!!!  The Cornman Farms in Dexter was just perfect and I was so honored to be there to help them celebrate their big day!!  2016-04-07_0002 2016-04-07_0003 2016-04-07_0004 2016-04-07_0005 2016-04-07_0006 2016-04-07_0007 2016-04-07_0008 2016-04-07_0009 2016-04-07_0010 2016-04-07_0011 2016-04-07_0012 2016-04-07_0013 2016-04-07_0014 2016-04-07_0015 2016-04-07_0016 2016-04-07_0017 2016-04-07_0018 2016-04-07_0019 2016-04-07_0020 2016-04-07_0021 2016-04-07_0022 2016-04-07_0023 2016-04-07_0024 2016-04-07_0025 2016-04-07_0026 2016-04-07_0027 2016-04-07_0028 2016-04-07_0029 2016-04-07_0030 2016-04-07_0031 2016-04-07_0032 2016-04-07_0033 2016-04-07_0034 2016-04-07_00352016-04-07_0048 2016-04-07_0036 2016-04-07_0037 2016-04-07_0038 2016-04-07_0039 2016-04-07_0040 2016-04-07_0041 2016-04-07_0042 2016-04-07_0043 2016-04-07_0044 2016-04-07_0045 2016-04-07_0046 2016-04-07_0047

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"there is grandeur in this view of life... that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved." - darwin

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