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Amber Pedersen for Michigan State House Representative

I’ve been donating as much time this year as possible to people who are working for public education, healthcare, equality for all and are running for office.  I never thought I was political, (just opinionated :) but I have found that indeed I am.   I’ve been inspired, emboldened and educated by so many amazing people this last year and I am working to do what I can, with my skills and strengths, to help those who are working to help others.  Amber Pedersen is running for Michigan State House Representative and believes that public schools are important and should be protected and supported.  She is a teacher and has taught in her district for many years.  She is also a supporter of workers and Union rights and her father has worked and run as a Representative for Michigan and for the UAW.   We say “keep work and personal” spaces separate and that’s great for some but my work and my personal world are intertwined in many ways. I’m proud of what I’m doing and who I’m working with and wanted to share.  

 Amber is running for Michigan State Representative and you can read more about her and what she is running for on her site or at the League of Women’s Voters site.

Here are some photos of Ambers goats.  I LOVE photographing goats,  (they just had babies!!) and a few of her family we took so she would have some recent photos to use in her emails, website, and mailings!  The puppy was so not happy with me when I had her set down for the last few photos :( poor thing.  Don’t worry, she got tons of hugs and kisses right after we were done!!

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