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I hosted the acclaimed OneLight Workshop a few years ago and met Miss Abby of Abby Rose Photo there for the first time. We’ve been flirting with the idea of going out and just shooting each other for fun and finally our schedules worked out and we got out of our offices/studios and did it.

Now I will tell you a secret about photographers.  We are nice, I’m not saying we’re not, but lets just say the first few photographer dates I went on left me feeling like I was at a 2o questions marketing seminar.  Photographers can be like boring broken records going on and on about album company’s and leaving out the important bits (well important to me) like passion and growth and the love of the craft.  While it IS nice to discuss with colleagues bookings, what vendors you use and your studio costs, what I LIKE to talk about is motivation, inspiration and art.  Abby shares the same passion for the art and talk about it we did, I think we spent much more time talking about art and inspiration than shooting, which was perfectly lovely.  We even swapped cameras for a bit, she’s a canon girl and I shoot Nikon total fun.

Here are a few captures of her I got, some with her camera! and I threw a few in she stole of me :)  I’m looking forward to hanging again soon.

and me

joking about

and a bit too serious lol(note to clients, I totally wear glasses ALL the time, except in photographs! so imagine glasses and when we meet the first time you’ll recognize me easier :)  )

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