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I always have been fascinated by photographs. It didn't start with wanting to take them but just loving the photos themselves. I love having them, Then it became loving taking them, A photograph is time travel. Not only can you see another moment in time but you can feel it as well. That's what I do. I capture these moments so I can have them forever.


Looking at my wedding photos I can travel back and feel Sean's hand holding mine when we said our vows.


Looking at my mother's childhood pictures I can see my grandfather laughing and looking just like my brother did when he was that age.


Looking at Ares, my son's, face on the night he was born I can feel the rush of love and gratitude I felt the first time I really got to look at him because he had made it to me safely.


Looking at photos of myself, my first birthday, standing in the bus for school, graduation, I can see where I have been, and wonder at how far I have come.


It's like magic.



I love to see and capture the amazing connections between people during events. I love being able to tell every bit of it the whole story. The nervous getting ready, the deep breaths, the kiss, the hugs, the laughs, the cheers, the dancing. I love that I get to do all of that and still create beautiful, artistic portraits in the most wonderful places in the world.


I don't pretend the camera isn't there, but I don't make it a big deal. Sessions are a collaboration and they can be as relaxed as a walk downtown or as planned as renting out a theater and stage.


What is in front of my camera is the inspiration behind what I do, I am full of gratitude for everyone who has allowed me to come into their lives just a little and capture just a hint of how amazingly beautiful it is.



Love letters


Dear Melissa,
I just boarded a flight, Ashu is working nights and I could not help but start to look at the first 20 or so shots before I get him on the phone later... They are totally, overwhelmingly, perfect. I started smiling hard and then crying. You captured feelings I was too excited to fully experience at the time. You captured their true depth and then somehow elevated them to holy form. Like all great art and full of god, also. You are an actual whirling dervish magician with glitter just like I told you before. No words, for real. You probably get this all the time, but consider Asta your home. Apart from the above, it was such a joy to have you there since you’re one of our tribe, I believe. Only cooler. The happiest thanksgiving to you and your family,



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