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Today is the 14th of February and it was on this day fifteen years ago or so that Sean Squires proposed to me and I accepted.. It was the first and I believe the last time we ever really “celebrated” valentines.. which should have been a tip off that he was up to something when I think about it, but he surprised me with his proposal and we’ve been celebrating our love every day since then… so to be honest we don’t really do much for valentines except talk about how much we don’t need valentines day in a slightly smug but meant in the nicest way possible kind of way.

But for this blog today I went around the house trying to find romance novels, novels of love, and I found some amazing ones…  you can see a few in the photograph.. a good mix I think.  I realized that over the years I’ve distilled my book collection down to the basics… nothing here to feel guilty about except perhaps the Meyer… but every person deserves some brain candy right.. the only thing missing out of what I would say is the most romantic books is the hunger games… cried through the whole last book I did, but I loaned them out so I didn’t have them to photography.. In honor of the day I may just read one or two again.

I’m the biggest sap in the world, valentines wouldn’t be enough for me once a year, pffft  but in honor of valentines and to get you in the mood or more in the mood if you already are feeling frisky, I’d like to share a couple spotify mixes for you… one just a feel good love a thon and the second something a bit moodier and romantic :)

happy valentines :)

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