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Looking back at two-thousand and fourteen


This last year when I look back at it, I can see my focus was on people, their interactions, their emotions… catching the thought as it flickers across a face, a laugh before it’s stifled, the tear before it’s wiped away.  People when their guard is down and they forget I’m there, or for a moment just don’t care anymore, boom, that’s when I want to click, and looking back at 2014 I can see my heart was shooting for me and I love it for that.  I also photographed more portrait sessions in 2014 then I have in any past year (even when I was JUST doing portrait sessions my first couple years) and I learned a lot from it, what I want to pursue and how to communicate it better.  I also tried remembering to have my camera in hand at home.  Not worrying about getting the “perfect” photo of my son and husband but capturing them in the “wild” so to speak, not caring if my cushions weren’t tidy or Ares room is obviously so messy in the background.  He’s going to be eleven tomorrow and I have to say every image, every portrait, every iPhone snap are going to get more precious as he grows older.  I’m thankful to have them.  In September I traveled to London and Paris, dreams of mine since I was 9 years old and the trip was brilliant; places I’d read about for years became physical and paintings I’d only seen in books were there in real life and they spoke to me.   choosing for this post was tricky, so many things I’m proud of, so many people I love. I’ve photographed some people all year long (Mabel) and some I only got to meet once, but each human contributes to who I am as a person and artist and I thank each of them for that!   Some of these I’ve not shared before.  Thanks for looking and here’s to what 2015 will bring!

033-agirlinlove-photography-2014030-agirlinlove-photography-2014063-agirlinlove-photography-2014067-agirlinlove-photography-2014071-agirlinlove-photography-2014Julie Foucher - Hyperfit - Ann Arbor009-agirlinlove-photography-2014003-agirlinlove-photography-2014066-agirlinlove-photography-2014057-agirlinlove-photography-2014062-agirlinlove-photography-2014068-agirlinlove-photography-2014017-agirlinlove-photography-2014014-agirlinlove-photography-2014076-agirlinlove-photography-2014078-agirlinlove-photography-2014043-agirlinlove-photography-2014005-agirlinlove-photography-2014070-agirlinlove-photography-2014061-agirlinlove-photography-2014064-agirlinlove-photography-2014052-agirlinlove-photography-2014054-agirlinlove-photography-2014055-agirlinlove-photography-2014035-agirlinlove-photography-2014022-agirlinlove-photography-2014019-agirlinlove-photography-2014020-agirlinlove-photography-2014031-agirlinlove-photography-2014038-agirlinlove-photography-2014039-agirlinlove-photography-2014011-agirlinlove-photography-2014002-agirlinlove-photography-2014050-agirlinlove-photography-2014073-agirlinlove-photography-2014069-agirlinlove-photography-2014021-agirlinlove-photography-2014015-agirlinlove-photography-2014079-agirlinlove-photography-2014075-agirlinlove-photography-2014072-agirlinlove-photography-2014051-agirlinlove-photography-2014029-agirlinlove-photography-2014032-agirlinlove-photography-2014007-agirlinlove-photography-2014024-agirlinlove-photography-2014040-agirlinlove-photography-2014048-agirlinlove-photography-2014045-agirlinlove-photography-2014046-agirlinlove-photography-2014053-agirlinlove-photography-2014026-agirlinlove-photography-2014027-agirlinlove-photography-2014008-agirlinlove-photography-2014013-agirlinlove-photography-2014010-agirlinlove-photography-2014034-agirlinlove-photography-2014023-agirlinlove-photography-2014018-agirlinlove-photography-2014058-agirlinlove-photography-2014065-agirlinlove-photography-2014036-agirlinlove-photography-2014016-agirlinlove-photography-2014037-agirlinlove-photography-2014004-agirlinlove-photography-2014025-agirlinlove-photography-2014joust winter games 2014047-agirlinlove-photography-2014012-agirlinlove-photography-2014041-agirlinlove-photography-2014080-agirlinlove-photography-2014060-agirlinlove-photography-2014049-agirlinlove-photography-2014006-agirlinlove-photography-2014059-agirlinlove-photography-2014001-agirlinlove-photography-2014077-agirlinlove-photography-2014541074-agirlinlove-photography-2014028-agirlinlove-photography-2014

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