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Julie and Bryan . New Year’s Eve Wedding . University of Michigan Art Museum, Ann Arbor Michigan


Julie sent me this email right after she saw them!

“We just finished looking at all the pictures!  So special. Thank you for capturing our family moments! I love so many of them. Some of my favs are the outdoor shots of Bryan and I. The shot of my mom and her sister (gray dress) talking in a corner. My dad giving his speech. The ones of Bryan dancing with his mom. The shot of my maid of honor and I on the dance floor talking/hugging. The portraits of the bridal party are so great! The ones of Rico and Bryan goofing around or of Bryan kissing Curt’s head. I love the shots of the girls all huddled up. And the detail pictures are absolutely gorgeous.  I just loved them. Thank you”

Here are a few, not all she mentioned but some of them!!! What a beautiful day and what super wonderful people.

2016-02-23_0002 2016-02-23_0003

2016-02-23_00342016-02-23_0004 2016-02-23_00052016-02-23_0006 2016-02-23_00072016-02-23_0035 2016-02-23_0036

2016-02-23_0008 2016-02-23_0009 2016-02-23_0010 2016-02-23_0011

2016-02-23_0012 2016-02-23_0013 2016-02-23_0014 2016-02-23_0015 2016-02-23_0016 2016-02-23_0017 2016-02-23_0018 2016-02-23_0019 2016-02-23_0020 2016-02-23_0021 2016-02-23_0022 2016-02-23_0023 2016-02-23_0024 2016-02-23_0025 2016-02-23_0026 2016-02-23_0027 2016-02-23_0028 2016-02-23_0029 2016-02-23_0030 2016-02-23_0031 2016-02-23_0033

2016-02-23_0037 2016-02-23_0038 2016-02-23_0039
2016-02-23_00402016-02-23_00422016-02-23_00432016-02-23_00442016-02-23_0041 2016-02-23_0045 2016-02-23_0046 2016-02-23_0047 2016-02-23_0048 2016-02-23_0049 2016-02-23_0050 2016-02-23_0051 2016-02-23_0052 2016-02-23_0053 2016-02-23_0054 2016-02-23_0055 2016-02-23_0056 2016-02-23_0057 2016-02-23_0058 2016-02-23_0059 2016-02-23_0060 2016-02-23_0061 2016-02-23_0062

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